BizAsia Special: Roadmap of Reform POLL

BizAsia brings you a special coverage of China’s Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee. This meeting is expected to highlight major reforms for the country going forward. CCTV have got all the angles covered this week and next.

Day 1: Role of the Government

Third Plenary Session of 18th CPC Central Committee to unveil comprehensive reforms

The third plenary session of the 18th CPC central committee will be held in Beijing from November 9th to 12th. The focal points: China’s economic reform and the central government’s role in the economy. The government is looking ways to stabilize growth and rebalance the economic structure. Some key challenges include corruption and over investment. More >>

Day 2: Financial Reform

Steady financial reforms expected at CPC 3rd plenum meeting

A key part of the meeting -- will be plans for financial reforms. The financial reforms package from the Third Plenum meetings may not shock and awe -- but those who are bullish on China’s reforms -- recognize they’re not an end in itself -- but a thirty five year process that’s going to go much further in the next decade. More >>

Day 3: Breaking Monopolies

Private economy guidance published

There are two guidance published by the Chinese State Council on developing the country’s private sector economy. --The first ever document on encouraging and establishing China’s private sector came in 2005. It allowed private investment to enter sensitive areas such as the military and national defense. More >>

Day 4: Rural Land Reform and Urbanization

Modern agriculture development urged

China’s rural reform is reaching a turning point, farmers are encouraged to grow their joint partnerships, family farms and cooperatives. The government also promises deeper reforms in rural land management to improve efficiency and promote large-scale farming. More >>

Day 5: Innovation and Green Growth

Roadmap for innovation and green growth

Innovation and green growth, the two words are very likely to become key words in the coming the 3rd plenary session of the 18th CPC central committee.More >>

Innovation and Green Growth

Roadmap of reform: Day 5- Innovation & green growth

Studio guest: Professor Huo Deming, Peking University´s National School of Development & Lee Branstetter, associate professor of economics at Carnegie Mellon University

Reforms to Open Economy Further

More opening-up policies in China

For overseas investors, the bar to enter the Chinese market will be lower. China will gradually open up some service industries, such as finance, education, culture and medicare. Meanwhile, investments in nursing, architecture design, auditing and e-commerce sectors will be opened up to overseas investors. More >>

Reforms to Open Economy Further

Roadmap of reform: Reforms to open economy further

Studio guest: Cao Can, Assistant Professor at Renmin University and author of the Dollar Apocalypse

Sustainability and Rural Land Reforms

China to give farmers more property rights

A key decision from China’s Third Plenum will give farmers more property rights. The country’s 650 million rural residents are currently bounded by three types of rural land. Namely farm land for agricultural production, non-farm land for housing and collective construction land that belongs to a village committee. More >>

Fiscal Reform

Major overhaul in budgeting and taxation

Chinese Finance Minister Lou Jiwei says it's essential to improve the budget mechanism, and to establish a more fair and reasonable fiscal and tax system between the central government and local governments. More >>

Financial Market Reforms

China IPO: From verification to registration

China is transforming its IPO regulation from a verification-based system to a registration-based one. That's according to the China Security Regulatory Commission’s Chairman Xiao Gang. Xiao announced the plan at a forum on Tuesday in Beijing, saying the reform is aimed at giving more power to the markets and investors. More >>