Liu Xiang: Always the Pride of China About Liu Xiang

【Response】China´s Liu Xiang responds to fall at Olympics

China’s star hurdler, Liu Xiang, is back home in Shanghai and Thursday had his stitches removed after an operation on a ruptured achiness tendon two weeks ago.

【Back home】Hurdler Liu Xiang returns to Shanghai

Chinese hurdler Liu Xiang has arrived in Shanghai after undergoing an operation on his achilles tendon in the UK last Thursday. A number of fans and media, as well as Shanghai’s vice mayor greeted Liu at the airport.

【Recovering】Liu Xiang recovers well after surgery

Chinese hurdler Liu Xiang is receiving treatment at London’s Wellington Hospital, two days after undergoing surgery on a torn Achilles tendon in his right foot. Doctors say Liu is recovering well and can now walk slowly using a crutch.

【Surgery successful】Liu Xiang´s surgery "successful"

Chinese hurdler Liu Xiang has gone under the knife after a serious Achilles tendon tear put him out of the London Olympics. A senior Chinese sports official says the operation was successful, and his doctor is satisfied.

【Liu Xiang to return】Liu plans to return after successful surgery

Liu Xiang´s surgeon, Nicholas Cullen, said he believes the injury was not as serious as feared, hinting the star hurdler might be able to resume training in six months.

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1.What do you think of Liu Xiang’s out of men’s 110m hurdles?
A. Astonished. The fall down of Liu Xiang is so unexpected.
B. Disappointed. It is a sad way for Liu Xiang to goodbye to London Olympic.
C. Still respect to him. All Chinese feel proud of him.
D. Hope he's injury to recover as soon as possible.
2.What’s your feeling about Liu’s hobbles to the end and kiss goodbye to the hurdles?
A. Feel broken-hearted about that.
B. He is a soldier on that field, I understood him.
C. Sorry about him, his era may be over.
D. Others
3.What makes you most impressed during Liu Xiang’s career?
A. Got gold medal in 2004 Athen Olympic.
B. Broke World Records in 2006 in Eugene.
C. Won in 2007 World Championship.
D. Bows out of 2008 Beijing Olympic because of injury.
E. His strong back in 2011 IAAF diamond league.
F. Crashed out of men's 110m hurdles in2012 London Olympic.
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