Australia celebrates Chinese lunar new year

10 years ago Chinese New Year was a fringe event here, now it’s a major part of Australia’s annual cultural calendar.

Chinese shoppers spend big overseas during holidays

According to an age-old tradition, today is the day where Chinese people need to clean up their homes and welcome in the god of Wealth in hopes the diety will bring good fortune for the new year.

Foreign leaders´ greetings to Chinese people

Over the past week, important figures from around the world have extended their Lunar New Year greetings to the Chinese people.

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Cross talkers to light up CCTV Gala

Cross talk performer Guo Degang is one of the most anticipated stars who will grace the stage for the 2013 Spring Festival Gala.

Rising stars set to perform

3 rising stars: Ping An, Xu Yina and Apusasa are set to perform on the country’s biggest stage for the first time!

Gala Review

Web Gala Comes to Africa

Why I Love China?

African special events of 2013 CCTV Spring Festival Web Gala “Why I Love China" successfully ended in Nairobi, capital of Kenya.

Two Lucky families

A Tanzanian family and a Kenyan family, are selected at the taping of the 2013 CCTV Spring Festival Web Gala in China.

2012 Web Gala Episode 1

Episode 2

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