【Cross-Straits ties】Premier Li calls for new progress in mainland-Taiwan ties

Premier Li Keqiang on Thursday called for new progress in relations between the Chinese mainland and Taiwan.

【Economic reforms】Fiscal, tax, financial reforms high on agenda: Chinese premier

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said Thursday that fiscal, tax and financial reforms had been set as a priority on the country´s overall reform agenda in 2014.

【Pollution】China needs tough measures, regulations to fight pollution: Premier

China needs both tough measures and tough regulations to fight pollution, Premier Li Keqiang said Thursday.

【Sino-EU trade】China, EU trade disputes can be solved: Premier Li

China and the European Union (EU) can work out a solution to their trade disputes through mutual respect and proper consultations, said Premier Li Keqiang here Thursday.

【Housing market】China to curb housing speculation: Premier Li

China will take a differential approach to regulate the housing market, and curb speculation and investment-oriented purchases, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said here on Thursday.

【China-US ties】China, U.S. should expand common interests: Premier Li

China and the United States should expand common interests while respecting each other´s core interests and major concerns and properly managing differences to further the level of bilateral relationship, Premier Li Keqiang said here Thursday.

【Debt risk】China´s debt risk within control: Premier

China attaches high attention on government debt and risk in the area is generally within control, Premier Li Keqiang said at a press conference on Thursday.

【Anti-corruption】Chinese premier vows "zero-tolerance" to corruption

China will show "zero-tolerance" to corrupt officials no matter "how senior his position is," Premier Li Keqiang said at a press conference Thursday after the annual parliamentary session ended.

【GDP】Chinese premier says GDP target flexible, stresses employment

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said on Thursday there is a level of flexibility when the government sets the growth target at around 7.5 percent this year, stressing rather the importance of enough jobs for the public.

【MH370 searching】China to continue search for missing plane as long as there is glimmer of hope: Premier

China will not give up its efforts in searching for a missing Malaysia Airlines flight with 154 Chinese aboard "as long as there is a glimmer of hope," Premier Li Keqiang said on Thursday.


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