Exclusive Interviews at Two Sessions

China´s healthcare reform needs further steam

Chen Zhu, vice chairman of 12th Standing Committee of the NPC.

He is still persistently concentrating his energy on issues like how to proceed with reform to meet the diversified needs of people's healthcare.
China's healthcare reform needs further steam

Sino-US relations enter a new era

Guest: Cui Tiankai, China´s ambassador to the United States

Chinese side is now actively preparing for the informal visit by the US First Lady Michelle Obama and her family members later this month.
China-US Cyber security cooperation

Institutional change needed for more equal opportunities

Guest: Yu Minhong, one of China´s most well-known entrepreneurs

It is important that the government provides more resources to students coming from rural areas
More resources for rural students

China-Japan relations at a critical point

Guest: Li Xiaolin, president of the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with foreign countries

China’s relations with Japan have arguably reached their lowest point in recent history.
China-U.S. relations look for new model

China´s economic reform

Guest: Justin Lin, former Chief Economist at the World Bank and a CPPCC member

China’s reforms and macro economic policy are once again in the spotlight of this year’s two sessions.
Justin Lin on China's economic reform

No overnight bankruptcy

Guest: Zhu Guangyao, Vice Finance Minister

Local government debt is being considered as one of the biggest unpredictable factor of the Chinese economy. How big is it? How to deal with it?
China promotes developing world interests

Debate over China´s reform of state-owned sector

Guest: Fu Chengyu, chairman of Sinopec’s board

How are some of China’s biggest SOEs reacting to outside perceptions of them, and what do they think about the reform challenge?
The future of China's state-owned sector

CPPCC member Li Daokui´s "China Dream"

Guest: Li Daokui, CPPCC member and Tsinghua University economics professor

What will China’s politics, diplomacy, and ambitions tell us about its economic future.
Concerns over hard landing for China's economy

CPPCC members dare to speak out

Guest: Professor Ge Jianxiong, one of China´s most renowned experts in historical geography

Professor Ge not only speaks out against social ills and injustice-- he even challenges authorities in public on important issues.
Ge Jianxiong, a man who speaks his mind

Reporting from the Scene

China aims to maintain steady growth, improve quality of life

On Mar. 13, Premier Li Keqiang meets the press

Highlights of Premier Li Keqiang´s press conference

On Mar. 13, Premier Li Keqiang meets the press

2nd Session of 12th National Committee CPPCC concludes

On Mar. 12, outside the Great Hall of the People

Heads of China´s financial sector meet the press

On Mar. 11, Press conference on China’s financial reform and development

NPC delegates and CPPCC members discuss foreign policy

On Mar. 10, outside the Great Hall of the People.

NPC deputies´ response to Zhang Dejiang´s work report

On Mar.9, Top legislator delivers NPC work report

Highly anticipated press briefing by Wang Yi

On Mar.8, Press Conference by Foreing Minister

Wang Yi briefs media on China´s foreign policy

On Mar.8, Press Conference by Foreing Minister

China seeking foreign trade balance between quantity and quality

On Mar.7, Press Conference by Minister of Commerce

Local gov´t debt seen as problem needed to be solved soon

On Mar.6, dealing with local government debt

China to strengthen rules on local gov´t debt

On Mar.6, Chinese Finance Minister´s press conference