Topic 1: Foreign Ministry Briefing

Press conference by Foreign Minister Wang Yi on China´s foreign policy and foreign relations

Foreign Minister Wang Yi gives a news conference on March 8, 2014. The news conference provides explanation and insight into China´s principles and stance. The minister elaborates on China´s efforts to implement its independent foreign policy.

Topic 3: Sino-Japanese Relations

China-Japan relations at a critical point

China’s relations with Japan have arguably reached their lowest point in recent history due to Abe Administrations reluctance to accept the wartime history of atrocities, and the territorial disputes between the two countries.

Topic 4: China-US Relations

US rebalancing policy towards Asia

In Washington all eyes will be on any statements regarding the territorial disputes in the East and South China Seas- US policy makers have sharpened their rhetoric of late and have re-emphasized their treaty commitments to Japan and the Philippines.

Topic 5: China-Africa Relations

China-Africa ties continue to grow

Dr. Bheki Langa, South African Ambassador to China, shared his view on China-Africa ties with CCTV.

Topic 6: China’s New Chapter in Foreign Policy

Most Internet users positive about China´s int´l role

Here’s an online poll by CCTV News on our microblog. 45 percent of those surveyed used the word "responsible" to describe China’s international performance, 33 percent said "cooperative". And about 31 percent said China is "confident" on the world stage.