March 9th: Day 7

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Anchor: Zou Yue

Professor He Jiahong from Criminal Law Research Center, Renmin University
Edward Lehman, Managing Director of LEHMAN, LEE & XU
Victor Gao, director of the China National Association of International Studies
Yang Mingjie, vice president of the China Institute of Contemporary International Relations

Topic 1: NPC Standing Committee Work Report

Top legislator delivers NPC Standing Committee work report

China´s top legislator Zhang Dejiang made such remarks, when he delivered a work report of the Standing Committee of the National People´s Congress on Sunday.

Topic 2: NPC Legislation

NPC deputies´ motions are legally binding when adopted

Lawmakers play a key role in formulating major decisions and supervising the national organs of state power.

Topic 3: NPC Supervision

Lawmakers seek more effective exercise of duty

The National People´s Congress, vows to strengthen supervision to ensure implementation of major policy decisions and achieving this year´s tasks for economic and social development.

Topic 4: Combating Terrorism

Preventive actions & legislation against terror needed

Over one week has passed since the Kunming terrorist attack last Saturday. The scale of the attack and the brutality drew expressions of sympathy and condemnation from governments around the world and the United Nations. China has vowed to crack down on terrorist crimes and safeguard people´s lives. But only punishing the perpetrators is not enough to solve the larger problem.

China to draft counter-terrorism law if required

China will work on a counter-terrorism law if the fight against terrorism requires it, said a senior official with the top legislature here on Sunday.