March 10th: Day 8

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Anchor: Zou Yue

Wang Chenguang, the Vice president of the Legal Theory Association of the China Law Society
Edward Lehman, the Managing Director of Lehman, Lee and Xu
Professor He Jiahong from Renmin University
Joerg Wuttke, an advisor from the Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development

Topic 1: Supreme Court, Procuratorate's Reports

Supreme Court, Procuratorate give work reports

China’s Supreme People’s Court and Supreme People’s Procuratorate have delivered their work reports to deputies of the 12th National People’s Congress at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

Topic 2: Role of SPC and SPP

Supreme People’s Court and Supreme People´s Procuratorate

The court system is paralleled by a hierarchy of prosecuting offices called people’s procuratorates. The highest of these is the Supreme People´s Procuratorate.

Topic 3: China’s Anti-Corruption Efforts

Official anti-graft website gives public a voice

China´s disciplinary authorities have significantly stepped up their efforts to fight corruption and increase transparency. Over the past year, these efforts notably saw the CPC’s Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, or CCDI, launching its own website to get the public more involved in rooting out corruption.

Topic 4: Anti-Graft Lessons From Other Countries

Hong Kong´s weapon to root out corruption

In Hong Kong, the Independent Commission Against Corruption, or ICAC has a formidable reputation for its anti-graft efforts. For a quick introduction of the organization.