March 11th: Day 9

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Anchor: Zou Yue

Professor Xu Hui from PLA National Defense University
Professor Zhu Chenghu from PLA National Defense University
Alexander Lukin from Moscow, Vice president of the Russian Diplomatic Academy
Professor Takesato Watanabe from Doshisha University in Japan
Professor Zhu Chenghu from the PLA National Defense University in China
Dean Cheng, a Senior Research fellow from the Heritage Foundation’s Asian Studies Center in the US

Topic 1: China’s Military Development

President Xi: China aims to build strong military

President Xi Jinping told the delegation representing the People’s Liberation Army at the National People’s Congress annual session that the country will pursue reforms to build a strong military.

Topic 2: Military Cooperation

Rise in China´s defense budget stirs discussion in US

China is planning to increase its military budget this year by some 12 percent, while on the other side of the Pacific the US is cutting defence spending.

Topic 3: Strengthening China’s navy

PLA Navy aims to build a maritime power

The last decade has seen a major shift for China´s Navy, from coastal defense to taking on greater responsibilities in the deep sea.

Topic 4: China’s Peacekeeping Contribution

China more active in UN peacekeeping missions

As China´s military power grows, so does its contribution to world peace keeping. Many missions have taken place in Africa.