March 13th: Day 11

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Anchor: Zou Yue

Laurence Brahm, Chief Economist from the New Earth Institute
Zhao Zhongxiu, Vice president of the University of International Business and Economics
Victor Gao Zhikai, Director of the China National Association of International Studies

Topic 1: Premier Li Meets The Press

Chinese gov´t confident over continued economic growth

The Chinese government is confident economic growth can be kept within a "reasonable and balanced range" despite tough domestic and global forecasts. The message came from Premier Li Keqiang, who held a two-hour question-and-answer session with Chinese and international journalists, after the conclusion of the 2014 NPC session.

Topic 2: Chinese Economy

Premier Li: We are not preoccupied with GDP growth

During the press conference, Premier Li spoke much about the economy. He clarified that the government is not obsessed with GDP numbers, but rather the benefits that economic growth brings to people.

Topic 3: China's Efforts to Fight Corruption

Chinese Premier vows "zero-tolerance" to corruption

Unprecedented action against corruption in the top echelons of the Communist Party of China has been underway for the past year. Stressing on the determination within the government to tackle corruption, Premier Li Keqiang has emphasized that China will "seriously deal with" corrupt officials, no matter how senior they are.

Topic 4: Transforming Roles of Government

Reform priorities: Streamlining administration, delegating power

During the press conference, Premier Li Keqiang said the Chinese government will better handle the relationship between the government and the market, vowing to let the market play a decisive role amid the government´s efforts to streamline administrative procedures.

Topic 5: War on Smog

China to declare war on pollution

When responding to a question about smog that frequently blankets Beijing and some other major cities, Li Keqiang said the government is going to declare a battle against pollution.

Topic 6: China's Diplomacy

Li Keqiang says China wants peaceful neighborhood

For more on China´s diplomatic initiatives, we now return to our studio guests Laurence Brahm, Chief Economist from New Earth Institute and Victor Gao Zhikai, Director of China National Association of International Studies.