March 3rd: Day 1

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Anchor: Zou Yue

Professor Wang Hui, National Member of the CPPCC
Professor Laurence Brahm, Chief Economist of the New Earth Institute

Topic 1: 2014 CPPCC Opens

China´s top political advisors seek greater say and greater role

China’s top political advisors have begun their annual session. The Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, or the CPPCC, exercises democratic supervision. Members are chosen based on guidelines on diversity and nomination procedures.

Topic 2: CPPCC Proposals

China to stoke reforms and pursue better growth

China’s economic reform plans have been watched the most, especially after a key party meeting late last year that set the course for the country’s reform. The government says it will steer the economy for slower growth, and it’s time to set a target.

Topic 3: Composition of CPPCC Members

Diverse make-up of top political advisory body

First, the make-up of CPPCC members is much more diverse than many would have thought. The body is made up of scholars, entrepreneurs, billionaires, and even celebrities, people from all walks of life who make up the country’s best and brightest.

Topic 4: Comparing Democracy in the East vs West

Focus Group: Progress of Democracy Construction

In today´s Focus Group,we will look at the role of the CPPCC national committee in shaping China´s democracy. We have invited two members of the committee and two researchers from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences to share their observations on China’s advisory body.

Topic 5: How the World See China's CPPCC

How the world see China´s CPPCC

The West is certainly watching everything that happens over the course of the next ten days or so. While a lot of media coverage here is being devoted to the deadly terrorist attack in a train station in southwest China over the weekend.