March 4th: Day 2

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Anchor: Yang Rui

Professor Professor Zhong Xudong from New York University
Professor Laurence Brahm, Chief Economist of the New Earth Institute

Topic 1: NPC Press Conference

NPC offers legal support for reform

China’s National People’s Congress is set to offer legal support for the country’s reform drive. More emphasis will be given to improve the quality of laws, making them easier to enforce, clearer and more targeted. The spokeswoman for this year’s session, Fu Ying, briefed the media ahead of Wednesday’s opening.

Topic 2: Decoding China Dream

China to work towards achieving national rejuvenation

The "China dream" was first put forth by President Xi Jinping as he attended an exhibition about Chinese history in November 2012. President Xi has described the dream as national rejuvenation, improving people’s livelihoods, prosperity, construction of a better society and strengthening the military.

Topic 3: China, African and American Dreams

Chinese Dream overlaps with African Dream

African people are pushing for their own dream of a better life. As Rene Del Carme reports from South Africa, Chinese businesses have invested heavily in Africa, causing the China Dream and the African Dream to overlap.

Topic 4: China Soft Power