March 5th: Day 3

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Anchor: Yang Rui

Rita Fan Hsu Lai Tai, NPC Standing Committee Member
Vincent Lo, CPPCC Member

Topic 1: Premier Li delivers gov't work report

Li Keqiang delivers 2014 reform blueprint

China´s economy will continue to grow within a "reasonable range", with a growth target of around 7.5 percent, and more economic reforms. Those were the key pledges made by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, when he outlined the government´s plans for the upcoming year, at the opening of the National People´s Congress on Wednesday morning.

Topic 2: Economic Reforms in China

Premier Li Keqiang outlines economic dev´t goals

In his government work report, Premier Li Keqiang outlined various goals for China’s economic development this year. And he listed several specific targets for the country´s economic performance.

Topic 3: People-centered Urbanization

China to carry out people-centered urbanization

During Premier Li Keqiang´s government work report on Wednesday, he pointed out the importance of a people-centered urbanization path. He said urbanization is the sure route to modernization and an important basis for integrating urban and rural structures.

Topic 4: New Leadership, New Vision

Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang face uphill battle

It’s been a year of political transition in China. For President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang, their first year in office has been one of sweeping reforms and daunting challenges.

Topic 5: Foreign Views

Africa closely watching China´s two sessions

African countries are now keenly watching the developments of the two sessions in Beijing, to determine how China’s policies and priorities will impact African affairs and China Africa relations.