March 7th: Day 5

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Anchor: James Chau

Ding Yifan, Deputy Director, Inst. of World Development, State Council
Liu Ke, Vice President of Shenhua Research
Yi Min, CEO of MTR China Business
Chris Brown, Program Manager of EU-China Policy Dialogues Support Facility
Li Lin, Chief Conservation Director of World Wide Fund for Nature, China

Topic 1: Foreign Trade of China

China confident of meeting 7.5% trade growth target

China now is the largest commodity trading country in the world. Speaking at the press conference on Friday, Gao Hucheng, the Minister of Commerce, said the country is confident of achieving the 7.5 percent growth in trade this year. And to better conduct economic reforms, there will also be new trial free trade zones to come.

Topic 2: China Tackles Air Pollution

Xi: Air quality is directly linked with people´s happiness

As China continues to grow and develop economically, pollution, and in particular air pollution or smog, is becoming an ever-pressing problem. It’s posing dangers to public health, and hinders China’s cities from attracting global talents.

Topic 3: Water Pollution Problems

Huge efforts needed to improve water recycling

Hundreds of millions of people living in and around China’s main industrial zones lack a safe supply of adequate drinking water. That’s because of continued pollution of rivers and streams by heavy industry and domestic sewage. Authorities in Northern China say they’re introducing new water recycling technology to tackle the problem.

Topic 4: Efforts on Improving the Environment

NPC to improve environmental protection legislation

Concern over the air pollution in China´s big cities has become part of the national discourse. CCTV´s Hou Na takes a look at the legal steps China’s top legislature has already taken to improve air quality.