Tibetan Antelopes Birthing Season

* [Video] Scientists face harsh environment and dangers on Tibetan plateau

Described as the roof of the world, the Tibetan Plateau is home to a diverse and unique range of wildlife, such as the Tibetan antelope, wild yaks and wild donkeys.

* [Video] Scientists to fit tracking system on antelopes

Scientists are now ready to fit tracking devices on Tibetan antelopes on the move, in the Qiangtang Nature Reserve on the Tibetan Plateau.

* [Video] Around 50,000 antelopes gather on Sewu Mountain

Each year during June and July, herds of endangered Tibetan antelopes gather to give birth at the Hoh-Xil Nature Reserve in northwest China’s Qinghai Province.

* [Video] Over 30,000 Tibetan antelopes give birth at peak

This year, over 30,000 pregnant female Tibetan antelopes have gathered at the Zhuonai Lake.

* [Video] Beidou satellite system tracks antelopes´ movements

After giving birth, female antelopes will travel with their calves from Zhuonai Lake in Hoh Xil Nature Reserve, back to their normal habitats.

Protecting Tibetan Antelopes
Heaven of endangered wildlife -- Hoh Xil nature reserve