Lei Feng's Diary

        If you are a drop of water, have you moistened the earth?

        If you are a ray of sunshine, have you lit up the darkness?

        If you are a single grain, have you nurtured the human being?

        If you are the smallest screw, will you always stay where you are?

        If you want to indoctrinate, are you preaching day and night?

        Since you are alive, have you tried your best to make the world a better place for your descendants?

        May I ask you that, what do you bring to the world?

        For life, we should not only demand.

                                                                                                ---Lei Feng Diary Selected, June 7, 1958

Lei Feng Spirit lives on

Liu Yunshan urges "learning from Lei Feng"

China´s ideological chief Liu Yunshan on Friday said "learning from Lei Feng," the nation´s most famous Good Samaritan, can help shape the socialist core value system.

Activities honor Lei Feng spirit

Residents will be taking part in a range of activities this month to commemorate the 50th anniversary of chairman Mao Zedong´s call to learn from Lei Feng.

Shanghai students visit Lei Feng exhibition

Commemoration of the life of Lei Feng continues in Shanghai, where about 600 documents relating to the icon are on display. The pieces for the exhibition are provided by well-known red collector Fang Guanlong.