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Egypt denies again being source of E.coli

Egypt´s Central Administration of Agricultural Quarantine has denied again that the country´s fenugreek seeds exported to Europe caused the E.coli infections which have claimed dozens of lives.

France recalls suspect hamburger patties

French authorities have ordered a recall of hamburger patties after five children became sick from E-coli.

Beijing warns of possible outbreak of E.Coli

To prevent a possible outbreak in China, the Beijing Public Health Bureau has released a notice to warn residents of the disease. Anyone who has symptoms of intestinal bleeding, should NOT take anti-diarrhea or anti-biotic medications without doctor´s permission.

Markets warm up after Germany lifts warning against cucumber

A popular market in Hamburg was crowded with shoppers on Saturday morning after the government lifted the warning on tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce following a deadly E. coli outbreak

Cucumbers or Sprouts Blamed for E.coli Bacteria?

【July 5】Egypt blamed for being source of E.coli

The European Union (EU) on Tuesday agreed to ban the import of certain types of seeds from Egypt as Egyptian fenugreek seeds were reported to be linked with the outbreak of E.coli in Europe.

【June 8】E.coli found on remains of cucumber

German officials have confirmed that traces of the deadly E.coli bacteria have been found on a discarded cucumber in the eastern town of Magdeburg.

【June 6】Initial E. coli sample tests on sprouts negative

The German authorities said on Monday that Germany´s first sample tests of the allegedly contaminated bean sprouts have found no E. coli strains that have sickened more than 2,000 people in Europe.

【June 5】Bean sprouts possible source for E. coli outbreak

German authority said on Sunday that bean sprouts might be the "most convincing" source for the E. coli outbreak which has killed 22 people and infected more than 2,000 in the Europe.

【May 31】Lab tests free Spanish cucumbers from deathful disease

Different from previous findings, the newest test did not find the deathful 0104 strain from two samples with EHEC bacteria, which are imported from Spain and sold in a Harmburg market.

【May 26】Deadly E. coli virus found in Spanish cucumbers

The Hamburg Institute for Hygiene and the Environment (HU) found that four cucumbers in a local market were contaminated by Enterohaemorrhagic E. coli (EHEC), and three of them were imported from two separate Spanish suppliers, Hamburg state health authorities said.