"Four Comprehensives" a strategic blueprint for China

Chinese President Xi Jinping has issued his new political theory, the Four Comprehensives, in an effort to build stronger leadership and better govern the country. "Four Comprehensives" is a term that means to "build a moderately prosperous society, deepen reform, govern the nation according to law, and strictly govern the Party on a deeply comprehensive level."

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China's Xi highlights "Four Comprehensives" in reform drive

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday called to fully implement the strategic layout of the "Four Comprehensives" in the country's drive for deepening reforms.

Top political advisor highlights CPC leadership, 'Four Comprehensives'

Chinese top political advisor Yu Zhengsheng on Friday underscored the leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC) in the work of the political advisory body, while urging political advisors to pool "positive energy" to contribute to the country's development.

China's Xi calls for closer civil-military integration to boost army combativeness

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Thursday called to strengthen China's national defense and the combativeness of its armed forces, by greater civil-military integration.

Chinese leaders call for implementation of "four comprehensives"

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and other leaders on Wednesday vowed to fully implement the "four comprehensives" strategic layout in order to realize economic and social development targets.

Prosperous society task key to realizing 'Chinese dream'

Fulfilling the task of building a moderately prosperous society is a crucial step toward the realization of the "Chinese dream" of rejuvenating the nation.

Feb.17th, 2015: President Xi delivers a speech at Spring Festival gathering

Chinese President Xi Ji pledged more work on improving work styles in the Party and government and creating more wealth, more benefit for the people and more glory for the nation.

Feb.2nd, 2015: President Xi addresses the opening ceremony of a workshop on promoting the rule of law

President Xi Jinping told the officials present to appreciate the significance of governing the country by law in all aspects as a key strategy in realizing the goal of a moderately prosperous society.

Dec.14th, 2014: President Xi mades an inspection tour in Jiangsu Province

During the inspection, Presidnt Xi highlighted the importance of a modern agriculture, prosperous rural areas and affluent farmers in the nation's overall modernization drive.

Four Comprehensives