Top News on International Museum Day
Chinese Efforts to Promote Public Cultural Services

National Museum of China

The National Museum of China has reopened to the public for free, after nearly four years of renovation. China´s ancient bronze art, and traditional paintings highlight the new beginning as the first exhibition in the new facility.

National Art Museum

The National Art Museum of China officially announced that it is open to the general public with no charge for admittance. This welcomed policy is in response to a joint statement issued earlier by the Ministries of Culture and Finance that all public museums and libraries should serve the public on a complimentary basis.

Global famous museums

Tianyu Museum of Nature

Feature: World´s biggest dinosaur museum

Location: East China´s Shandong Province

Arafat museum

Feature: Arafat´s objects for display

Location: Arafat´s West Bank headquarters

Wax Museum

Feature: Wax replicas of famous celebrities

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Museum of Women

Feature: Stories of Mexican women

Location: Downtown Mexico City, Mexico

Soumaya Museum

Feature: Carlos Slim´s museum

Location: Mexico City

Museums rare to see

"Angry Bird" in Museum

Feature: Bronze ware display

Location: Shanxi Provincial Museum

Dali Theatre-Museum

Feature: Largest surrealistic object in the world

Location: Northeast of Spain, Figueres

Small Arms Museum

Feature: Showcasing small weapons

Location: Chinese capital, Beijing

Abacuses Museum

Feature: Abacuses and historical data display

Location: East China´s Jiangsu Province

Computergames Museum

Feature: Video game industry display

Location: Germany´s capital, Berlin