Editor's Note

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang pays official visits to Ethiopia, Nigeria, Angola and Kenya from May 4 to 11. This is the first time for Li to visit Africa since taking office in 2013. The Africa visit is expected to cement comprehensive cooperation partnership and take bilateral ties between China and African countries to a new high.


Premier Li's Africa visit to strengthen ties

In Ethiopia, Li to attend the completion ceremony of a highway constructed by Chinese corporations; visit an industrial park; hold a seminar with businessmen from China and African countries; give a speech at the African Union convention center.

In Nigeria, Li to attend the 2014 World Economic Forum on Africa.

In Angola, Li to hold a seminar with Chinese companies and overseas Chinese.

In Kenya, Li to meet UN officials and discuss with them on China's cooperation with the UN.

Li Keqiang in Nigeria
Li Keqiang in Ethiopia
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Chinese Premier Li Keqiang Visits Africa