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The Chang´e-3, named after a Chinese lunar goddess, is China’s first spacecraft to make a soft landing on the moon. It comprises a lander and a moon rover called "Yutu" (Jade Rabbit). The Chang´e-3 mission is the second phase of China´s lunar program, which includes orbiting, landing and returning to Earth. It follows the success of the Chang´e-1 and Chang´e-2 missions in 2007 and 2010. The launch of China´s lunar probe Chang´e-3 was "successful".

China's First Moon Rover

"Yutu" (Jade Rabbit)

China has chosen the name "Yutu" (Jade Rabbit) for its first moon rover, after a worldwide online poll challenged people to come up with names.

  • In Chinese folklore, Yutu is the white pet rabbit of Chang´e, the moon goddess who has lent her name to the Chinese lunar mission. Legend has it that, after swallowing a magic pill, Chang´e took her pet and flew toward the moon, where she became a goddess, and has lived there with the white jade rabbit ever since.
About the Moon Rover more
  • Shape: Two wings, stands on six wheels
  • Weight: 140 kg
  • Power: Solar energy
  • Abilities: Recognize obstacles on the moon´s surface; Plot a path of least resistance by a combination of onboard navigation systems; Remote control from the command center.
  • Features: Select the best route; use minimal fuel; make the smallest possible error; endure a vacuum, intense radiation and extremes of temperature; The rover can "rest", automatically entering a dormant state to recharge its batteries, and return to work after a while. More >>
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Xi Jinping congratulates Chang´e-3 mission´s complete success

Michael Spencer USA 2013-12-15  
Congratulations on a very important milestone. Welcome China to the family of space nations!
tom china 2013-12-15  
congratulations to the china! I am so pride for my country!
Daniel Singapore 2013-12-15  
I am amazed by China´s progress in space exploration. Congratulation to China on the successful landing of the spacecraft and also the separation of Yutu from the lander. We hope to see more pictures and videos soon. Ignore the critics and continue with your space programs. Cheers for China!
Mikel United States of America 2013-12-15  
Congratulations China on a successful landing and deployment of the rover.
Alberto So Brazil 2013-12-15  
Go China, go!
Michael Hwa PJ. Malaysia 2013-12-15  
I am very proud of you to achieve this impossible misson. WELL DONE CHINA.
Adrian Esdaile Australia 2013-12-15  
Congratulations to China for your first soft-landing on the Moon, and the successful first steps of the Yutu Rover. Your mission is an inspiration to a new generation of space explorers! I wish you all the best of luck for the mission´s future lunar exploration.
Gudmundur Bjarnason Iceland 2013-12-15  
Beautiful launch. Continued success with the mission!
Mark U.S.A. 2013-12-15  
Very impressive video of the rover leaving the lander. In front of the rover is a small crater. What is the size of the crater and did the navigation software keep the lander from landing in the crater? How many hours before sunset does the lunar rover need to return to the lander in order to be safe during the lunar night? Being able to survive a lunar night will be an amazing accomplishment.
Tiago Brazil 2013-12-15  
Congratulations to the all people of China by this beautiful demonstration of human capabilities.




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