When Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Central Asia and Southeast Asia in September and October of 2013, he raised the initiative of jointly building the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road.

China Voice

Asia-Africa cooperation in the new era of Belt and Road Initiative

Panview at Belt and Road Seminars

Gao Xiang, secretary-general of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences: The Belt and Road Initiative and the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) provide new opportunities for Asia-Africa cooperation.

Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank should not be a Beijing-vs-Washington issue

By Zha Daojiong, professor of international political economy, Peking University

China would be ill-advised to regard Washington’s disapproval of its allies joining AIIB as an affront. As a traditional Chinese saying goes: Listen to both sides and you will be enlightened; heed only one side and you will be benighted (兼听则明,偏信则暗).
If the US is concerned about AIIB having an impact on its soft power, it could serve its own interests better by keeping an open mind about the project. It should also look at possibilities of collaboration on specific investment projects in the future.

Triple missions of Belt and Road Initiative

By Wang Yiwei, director of institute of international affairs, Renmin University of China

There are three missions ahead for the Belt and Road Initiative.
1)Seeking a way for global economic growth in the post-crisis era
2) Realizing global rebalancing
3) Creating a new model for regional cooperation in the 21st century

Different roles of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

By Zhang Monan, assistant researcher of China Center for International Economic Exchanges

From the view of the development trend of building diversified investment and a financing system framework, the establishment of AIIB is complementary to the existing financial system rather than a rival.
In addition to existing investment funds in China which can play a greater role in infrastructure financing, some long-term funds or various innovative financing tools can be issued. In particular, we should actively promote Public-Private Partnership (PPP) to encourage and attract the private sector to invest in infrastructure programs.

Risk control strategy for Belt & Road

By Zheng Gang, business risk management expert

Chinese companies stepping out the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road or Silk Road Economic Belt might face highly complex and diverse risks including:
1. major political/policy changes by the host nation;
2. religious/nationalist wars and/or civil strife;
3. government nationalization and expropriation; .....

Foreign Opinions

The role of the AIIB in financing developing Asia reporter Devon Reid Mok

Critics should remember that the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank is meant to be an inter-governmental institution, and that its shareholders will all have a say in how the organization approaches multilateral development in Asia.
Non-member states harboring concerns about the direction of this organization would probably be better off trying to influence the policies of the AIIB from within.

Guest: Zhenis Kembayev

"Distrust in China is also a serious problem in many countries, particularly in the United States, that might view China’s One Belt One Road initiative as a direct challenge to US dominance in Asia and beyond."

Lt Col Brendan S Mulvaney

"The One Belt, One Road initiative can help provide much-needed connectivity to regions of the world which otherwise face significant challenges."

Antonio Villafranca

" Xi’s new initiative of One Belt One Road is an important step towards integrating Europe and Asia economically. This policy will strengthen China’s relationship with countries in Central and Southeast Asia."

Andreas Freytag

"This initiative offers great opportunities for both regional and global integration of China’s Asian neighbors as well as for China itself. "

Melissa H Conley Tyler

"One Belt One Road is a logical policy to improve economic and political links. China has historic trade and people-to-people links through the ancient Silk Road which it can build on for modern advantage. Countries in the region are realizing that connectivity is the key to economic development."

Nobuhide Hatasa

"President Xi’s initiative of the One Belt One Road is one of important tools to boost up the slowing Chinese economy by connecting its economy with foreign countries and attracting more and more external demands."

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