Chinese Female Astronaut Wang Yaping

Wang Yaping

Birthday: April, 1978

Birth place: Yantai City, China’s Shandong Province

Wuhan Flight Unit

Chinese Female Astronaut Liu Yang

Liu Yang

Birthday: 1978

Birth place: Lin Zhou City, China’s Henan Province

Wuhan Flight Unit

Decode Chinese Female Astronauts

Criterias for Chinese female astronauts: Married, preferably mothers

Female astronauts have to meet extra conditions that are not applicable in other countries — they must be married and preferably mothers. This is because there are concerns that spaceflight, and the potential exposure to radiation, could harm their fertility. Details>>

Female astronauts´ advantages: More attentive, mature, and have more stamina than male astronauts

Different from male astronauts, female astronauts are more attentive, mature, and have more stamina. These are the merits. Gender-related differences are known to exist. Female hormone, as well as adrenaline, could be more widely distributed in a woman´s body in space, which means that a woman´s body might be better protected in the space than on the earth. But wider distribution of adrenaline in a man´s body could lead to an elevation of blood pressure." Details>>