New secrets of Terracotta Army released

Secrets 1: Evidence of fire

Archaeologists have also uncovered evidence of fire. The remains of burnt wood and hemp strings show that the figures were attacked not long after they were placed around the tomb.

Many believe that person to be Xiang Yu -- a prominent military leader who led battles against the Qin dynasty.

Secret 2: Human-caused damage

The excavation pit has been damaged before. Besides water and fire, there was human-caused damage as well. This can be key to local historical studies."

Secret 3: Painted figurines found

The total number of painted figurines found in this session has surpassed our expectation, this is quite a surprise to all.

Secret 4: Defensive Armor uncovered

Some of the finds have amazed the team. For the first time, defensive armor has been uncovered - including this shield, made of Rattan.

Secret 5: Acrobat figures

The clay figurines in the Terracotta warriors site all wear helmets and armour, those discovered at the "Baixi" site are all topless. Some even have "beer bellies", while others are very slim.

Secret 6: Hole inside No. 1 pit

A hole has been found inside the "number one pit", which appears to have been made by thieves. The terracotta warrior site was plundered at some point in history.

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