Tibet Chairman Padma Choling Deliveres Televised Speech

Padma Choling: Dalai clique´s separatist attempt doomed to fail

• "No matter what tricks the Dalai and its clique use, Tibetan people´s strong will to oppose separation and safeguard the country´s unity will not change."
• "March 28, 1959 is the watershed between the old and new Tibet. History will forever remember the glorious day."
• "Only by resolutely safeguarding the country´s unity and opposing separation can Tibet achieve the leap-forward development and long-lasting security."

7 Questions for the Dalai Lama

It is a universal rule that all religions and their sects should forbid murdering and telling lies, and protect the interests of the country and its people. Tibetan Buddhism is no exception. The writer cannot help raising some questions to him.

7 Major Lies in Dalai Lama's 3.10 Statements

Every March 10, the 14th Dalai Lama summons up his strength and opens his mouth to repeat what he has argued for several decades. Although he racks his brains every year, there is nothing "new" in his statement. Apart from nothing "new", there are also many contradictions. China Tibet Online will make an inventory of his statements and share his doubtful points.