25,000 kilometres. 20 episodes. An extraordinary 4-month journey across the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. From inhospitable deserts to buzzing oasis towns; frenetic bazaars and ancient ruins on the Silk Road, don't miss Travelogue's unforgettable adventures "On the Road". see more>>

Face to Face with Travelogue ! Watch Live Show

Travelogue hosts showed up in the CNTV studio on February 24 and had a fun time with their fans! Greta and Tianran shared their wonderful memories in Xinjiang and answered questions from our web users.

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Greta Georges

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June 15th - "After four hours flight, we arrives at the Urumqi airport, full of joy and surprise. Everything is in place and we are looking forward to starting our filming Journey in Xinjiang. This is a satisfying and pleasing journey. It will show you many things you didn´t know about this fascinating place. Please focus on ´On the road – Travelogue in Xinjiang´ and stay tuned."

James Lam

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Over the moon to arrive at Aletai airport in Xinjiang. You can see my microblog updates throughout my journey on: http://weibo.com/2178604513


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One thing about Xinjiang struck me straight away. The sun NEVER goes down!! ...You can see my microblog updates throughout my journey on: http://t.cntv.cn/index.php?m=ta&id=13933095

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