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Commenting on 'China Today: Understanding the CPC' series

Wu Shangzhi, vice minister of SAPPRFT

"This series of books exemplifies the CPC's principle that it was founded for the public good and it exercises state power for the people, revealing the CPC's resolution and aspiration to make China strong and prosperous...."

Zhao Fan, President of the Party Building Books Publishing House

"I hope that the "China Today" books will become a platform for China to increase communication with the rest of the world, helping overseas readers better understand China, the CPC and the governing strategies of President Xi Jinping."

Zhang Qiyue, Chinese Consul-general in New York

"I hope the series could give readers a real image of today's China and the CPC's policy, and thereby enhance the mutual understanding and communications between the peoples of China and the United States."

Fang Zhenghui , CIPG Vice President

"We are happy and honored to be part of the publication of such a series of books. We also look forward to cooperating with other parties, in order to better present the CPC and China to more readers around the world."


Robert L. Kuhn

Robert Lawrence Kuhn is a long-time adviser to China’s senior leaders and the Chinese gov't

“the series provides a clear and comprehensive description of the CPC, presenting to readers an explanation of "the CPC's philosophies and policies, organization and governance, vision and challenges."

Kuhn and Program Guests

Yu Yunyao, president of National Society for
Party Building Studies

Gao Yongzhong, deputy director of Party
History Research Centre of the CPC
Central Committee

Xie Chuntao, director of Department of Party History Research, Party School of the Central Committee of CPC

Zhu Lingjun, deputy director of Department of Party Building Research, Party School of the Central Committee of CPC

Yan Hongge, vice president of China Training Centre for Senior Personnel Management Officials

Zhang Weiwei, deputy secretary of the Communist Party, Beihang University

Wang Xiangsui, director of Strategic Studies Center, Beihang University

Ren Jianming, professor at Beihang University's School of Public Administration, director of
Center for Integrity Research and Education, Beihang University

Wang Danshi, deputy editor-in-chief of Party Building Books Publishing House

CCTV NEWS presents an exclusive inside look at the Party. Hosted by noted author Dr. Robert Lawrence Kuhn, in five-episode special series “Under-standing the CPC." Closer to China with R.L. Kuhn. 走近中国 解读中国共产党系列 罗伯特库恩博士 专访 崔天凯 章启月 王丹石 杨雪兰 虞云耀 祝灵君 阎红革 谢春涛 高永中 王湘穗 任建明 张维维