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Arts combined with Tai Chi Theory

Movie "Pushing Hands"

"In it, I wrote the line, 'strive to be still.' How difficult! This is a very high level.I can't reach it. I can only make films. I observe the world through films.The most I can do is alternate motion and stillness.The limit of reality is emptiness.Even when nothing interfence, I can't be completely still," said Ang Lee.

Movie 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon'

"In the film, an important thing is who can match well with the bronze sword. It is related to your status as an heir or your character and morals. This is what Li Mubai tells us about," said director Ang Lee.

Dance Performance "Water Moon" by Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan

What do Bach and Tai Chi have in common? Quite a lot, according to Lin Hwai-min. Lin is the director of Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan. In his acclaimed dancework Moon Water, he fuses Chinese traditional arts with Bach's "Six Suites for Solo Cello".

Ju Ming's Tai Chi Sculptures Series

Ju Ming's Taichi Series works, made in Ju Ming's middle age, are his famous works. In Taichi Square, most of the works on display are large-size bronze works made from foam molds. Their sheer size and magnificent shapes put visitors in the state of Tai Chi.

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Wudang Kung Fu Popularity Worldwide

Wudang culture, featuring Taoist culture, tai chi health culture and tea culture, is a highlight of the mountains, as well as an important part of Chinese traditional culture. It is broad, extensive and penetrated with diverse art forms. Its influence has been expanded across the world thanks to various activities. Tai Chi has come to epitomize Wudang culture. Wudang's Tai Chi Kung Fu Troupe has entertained domestic and overseas visitors during various activities. The martial arts performances also amazed visitors worldwide.

Wudang kung fu reaches South Africa

Disciples from Romania and Netherlands
practice Tai Chi

Sino-France Wudang tai chi summer
camp wins honor

Wudang kung fu debuts at Hanover Auto Show

Wudang kung fu show highly commended
in Moscow

Wudang art troupe gives a Tai Chi performance
in Malta

Wudang, Home of Tai Chi, CCTV-9 Documentary