Historic Xi-Ma Meeting in Singapore

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Taiwan's leader Ma Ying-jeou salute each other "mister" in their historic meeting on Saturday, November 7th,2015, in Singapore, marking a breakthrough in face-to-face exchange and communication between the two leaders across the Taiwan Strait after hardships and twists since 1949.


US welcomes constructive dialogue between two sides

The United States has expressed its welcome towards the historic meeting between Xi Jinping and Ma Ying-jeou.

Meeting draws attention from overseas

Overseas Chinese have also paid a lot of attention to the historic meeting. A CCTV correspondent visited a couple who lived in Taiwan in the 1970s. Their family still believes, deep inside, that a Chinese heart and unity can be very strong.

Reporters witness historical Wang Daohan-Koo Chen-fu Talks

Taiwan reporters who reported on the Wang Daohan-Koo Chen-fu Talks in 1993 tell us what the Taiwan public cares about concerning Saturday's historical meeting.

Zhang Zhijun briefs press on meeting achievements

Zhang Zhijun, the head of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, has just briefed the press on the historic meeting between the leaders from across the strait. He said the meeting is "significant" and positive for the long-term development of cross-Strait relations.

Expectations high on future of cross-Strait ties

CCTV News interviewed people from all walks of life to hear their views and expectations from this historic meeting.

Details of the cross-strait meeting

Now for some of the can't-miss details of the historic handshake between the two leaders. In front of hundreds of reporters, the hand-shake lasted for over 70 seconds, then the two leaders waved for another 25 seconds to cameras that flashed repeatedly to catch the historic moment. The colours of their ties were the object of heated discussion before the meeting.

Media reactions to the Xi-Ma meeting

The Xi-Ma meeting has attracted wide attention from media at home and abroad. The United Daily News, one of Taiwan's 4 major newspapers, called it 'A breakthrough for a new start' predicting fewer obstacles in future development of the ties.

Overseas Chinese speak highly of meeting

The meeting between the two leaders have drawn a lot of attention among overseas Chinese. It is seen by many as a breakthrough, as the two sides have become more closely linked.

Ma suggests setting up hotline

After the meeting with Xi Jinping, Ma Ying-jeou held a press conference. He says he has proposed to set up a hot line between the two sides.

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Historic Xi-Ma Meeting