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A youngest delegate to the party´s congress in his province; a fashion designer sees her designs appear on the cover of Vogue China; a footballer who is redefining what it means to be a Chinese; a farmer entrepreneur who has determined to reap a new kind of harvest. The 80s gerneraton are cutting a figure has come of age. They are the future of China. Watch Promo>>

Mars-500 Volunteer

Wang Yue: Man from Mars

He´s known in China as the "man from Mars". It’s not because of his eccentricity, but because of a space mission he´s taking part in.

China's Youngest Professor

22-year-old student becomes researcher

A 22-year-old undergraduate has became a researcher after breaking a math equation that went unsolved for more than 20 years.

Rural Entrepreneur

Yang Tianlong: Strives to make a difference

He says his connection to the countryside and farmers will never fade away, despite what he achieves in his career.

Blind Taobao Shopkeeper

Gu Linglei: Blind Taobao strore owner

He was born blind but was never afraid to take on any kind of challenges that came across his life.

African-Chinese Footballer

Eddy Francis: Shanghai’s African-Chinese footballer

Football is becoming Eddy Francis’ life. He’s redefining what it means to be a Chinese.

Rights Safeguarder

Migrant worker helps others lead better lives

Vicky uses the internet to help Migrant workers reach beyond factory walls, for more equal opportunities in their pursuit of a better life.

Shadow Puppetry Artist

Young puppeteer strives to protect art form

Li Zi studies traditional plays, writes new ones, and seeks funding. He hopes to carve out a future for the traditional art of shadow puppetry.

Youth Designer

Young designer dreams of shinning on world stage

Liu Qingyang, known by her English name Christine Lau, is considered one of China’s most successful young designers.

18th National Congress Delegate

Shi Lei: Jiangsu´s youngest party delegate

Graduated from Tsinghua University at age 20 Shi Lei chose to take a different path.

Parkour Girl

Female Parkour practitioner dreams of making it big

Ding Yating chooses to be a Parkour athelete to overcome physical obstacles in order to better overcome life’s obstacles.