January 2011: Bonus content!

Hopefully, you´ve already picked up a copy of the new issue of our magazine. But assuming that you have, you already know we´ve got some extra content ready for you, to help you get even more from the magazine. So scroll down and check out some special treats!

My China, My World

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Living in a bubble

As a young girl from Shanghai, Fan Fan used to dream: she would meet a handsome, kind man, he would lavish romantic gifts on her, their families would approve, and after a blissful wedding they would move into a large penthouse apartment that her doting husband had bought for her.

Chinese Food and Health

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TCM first aid kit

Want to heal your aches the traditional way? Chloe Chen (陈洁) offers seven popular remedies you´ll need to keep around the house.

Travelling in China

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Temples in the clouds

A quest to find unspoiled natural beauty ends atop Wudang Mountain, Daoism’s most fabled peak.

Everyday Chinese

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How many people are learning Chinese?

Learning Chinese can be difficult and frustrating. In the past, it used to be lonely, too. Just a few decades ago, many colleges and most high schools abroad didn´t even offer Chinese.