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  • Residents excited over Zhangjiakou's prospects

    Beijing and Zhangjiakou have won the bid to co-host the games. Our reporter Ning Hong tells us how this piece of news is received by the people in Zhangjiakou.

  • President Xi extends appreciation to IOC

    Chinese President Xi Jinping has sent a letter of appreciation to the International Olympic Committee or IOC President Thomas Bach. Xi expressed thanks to the committee for its trust and support in selecting Beijing and Zhangjiakou as the hosts of the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

  • ASEAN: China agrees to Foreign Ministers' hotline

    China and ASEAN agreed to continue to work on the establishment of a hotline to respond to maritime search and rescue and other emergencies at South China Sea.

  • Chinese captital celebrates victory

    The National Stadium, or Bird Nest, is seen with giant illumination showing a message celebrating Beijing and Zhangjiakou's winning of the right to host the 2022 Winter Olympic Games.

  • Host cities vow to host clean games

    Host cities vow to host clean games

  • China celebrates Olympic bid victory

    The International Olympic Committee has awarded Beijing the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, making the Chinese capital the first city in history to host both the Summer and Winter Games. But even as people across China celebrate, attention is already turning to the delivery of the games.


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