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  • Nanjing Massacre survivor at military parade

    One of the survivors of the Nanjing massacre witnessed the killing of seven members of her family by Japanese soldiers in 1937. Tears of pride and sorrow, 86-year-old Xia Shuqin, awoke at 6 this morning and waited by the TV set. She wasn’t going to miss a second of the live broadcast of the military parade in Beijing.

  • Veteran soldiers cherish peace

    China's veteran soldiers enjoyed their greatest honour during this morning's grand ceremony celebrating Victory Day. The vets say they were deeply impressed by the festivities but emphasized that maintaining the peace is most important and the best way to commemorate those who sacrificed their lives in the war.

  • Crossover: Japan media focus on PLA cutting

    For more, Now we turn to Tokyo where our correspondent Wang Meng will join us live.

  • Crossover: Parade top-of-the-hour coverage in ROK

    Now for more on South Korea's reaction to China's grand parade, our correspondent Shane Hahm is standing by in Seoul.

  • Studio interview: China is confident in defense capacity

    For more analysis, we're joined in the studio by Ms. Su Xiaohui. She's the Deputy Director of the department of International and Strategic Studies at the China Institute of International Studies.

  • China to cut 300,000 troops by 2017

    China military will cut three hundred thousand troops by the end of 2017. It's the latest effort to build a slimmer but stronger armed forces. President Xi Jinping pledged to reduce troop numbers at Thursday's grand military parade in Beijing.


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