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  • Xi Jinping visits old revolutionary base areas

    With the traditional Chinese Spring Festival just around the corner, President Xi Jinping has paid a visit to East China's Jiangxi Province. Jinggang Mountain, with a population of only 170,000, is hailed as "the cradle of the Chinese revolution".

  • Sub-anchor: New Spring Festival travel trends

    The travel rush to make it home for the Spring Festival is showing some new trends this year. For more on that, we are joined by my colleague Xing Zheming.

  • Crossover: Large population of migrant workers heading home

    First let's go to Guangzhou in South China. A large population of migrant workers there means the city's transport hubs are crowded everyday with people eager to go home. Our reporter He Weiwei is at the Guangzhou Railway Station. Let's cross live to her.

  • Millions hit the road every day despite cold weather

    As the Chinese New Year approaches, the yearly Spring Festival travel rush is getting to its peak. An average of more than 8 million trips are being made everyday this week, despite a cold wave.

  • China calls on DPRK to exercise restraint

    China's Foreign Ministry said the country is concerned on the plans of DPRK to launch a satellite. Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said that China called on the DPRK to exercise restraint. The launch could advance DPRK's long-range missile technology after its recent nuclear test on January 6th.

  • Video: Authorities brief media on China's economic and social dev't in 2015

    China's State Council Information office is now holding a press conference on the national economic and social development in 2015. Mr. Xu Shaoshi, Chairman of the National Development and Reform Commission is briefing the media.

  • World's biggest maintenance center ready for travel rush

    An estimated 300 million passengers nationwide will be travelling by train, and over half of them will ride high-speed ones. At speeds of over 300 kilometers an hour, there's no margin for mechanical breakdown.

  • Mainland to promote ties with Taiwan

    Top Chinese political advisor says the Chinese mainland will work to maintain peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait. Yu Zhengsheng made the remarks Tuesday at the annual meeting of central and local officials in charge of Taiwan affairs.

  • More Chinese people driving or car-pooling home

    More Chinese people own cars than ever before, and many are choosing to drive back to their hometowns for the Spring Festival holiday. Another option which has recently emerged is car-pooling, and there are many online facilities to arrange a ride home with a driver who's on your route. But travelling with strangers is a turn-off for many people.


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