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  • Storm to land on southern Chinese island

    China's meteorological authority has raised a weather alert for typhoon Mujigae, which is expected to batter China's southern regions tomorrow. The 22nd typhoon of the year, Mujigae has entered the northern part of the South China Sea. It is moving northwest at a speed of 20 km per hour with strengthening force.

  • Understanding the Belt and Road Initiative in one minute

    High-speed railways have witnessed rapid development in China, after the initial import of technology in 2004. At present, the country’s high-speed rail network extends to 17,000 kilometers, accounting for 55 percent of the world's total.

  • Chinese high-speed trains go global

    China's high-speed railway technology has made huge strides in the past decade. The development of China's rail lines, which has expanded abroad, is central to the country's monumental trade route projects. Quality and safety are always concerns.

  • China contributes to world's largest radio telescope

    China has joined the international effort to build the Square Kilometer Array, the largest radio telescope in the world. This new global scientific undertaking will help uncover the mysteries of the universe.

  • Record crowds seen at major attractions

    It's day two of the week-long national day holiday. And already, tourists have hit record numbers in major attractions around the country, as most holiday makers arrived at their destination. Road and air traffic however have eased slightly after the passenger numbers peaked on the first day of the holiday.

  • Interview: Initiatives rekindle memories of historic silk road

    For more on the Belt and Road initiative and its significance, we are joined in the studio by Professor Ding Yifan. He's a senior research fellow at the Institute of World Development under the Development Research Center of the State Council.


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