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  • Beijing allows guide dogs on subways

    Beijing has allowed guide dogs on the city's subways since May and the change has provided greater convenience for the visually impaired.

  • Studio interview: New scheme kicks in with universal coverage by 2015 in China

    For more discussion about this, joining us in the studio is our current affairs commentator, Mr. Gregory Yingnien Tsang. Q1. An affordable healthcare plan, now with extended coverage and increased reimbursement ratio. Everything sounds perfect. But what remains to be accomplished to turn this idea into reality?

  • Crossover: China had late start but makes quick progress

    For more insights on the topic, we are joined on the phone now by Mr. Jin Yi, director of the Beijing Disabled Sports Association. Q1. When it comes to barrier-free facilities, from your own experience, just how convenient or inconvenient is the access for the disabled to public spaces in China? What areas need to be improved the most?

  • ROK looks to win back Chinese tourists after MERS

    South Korea has always been a popular destination for Chinese tourists. But the outbreak of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, better known as MERS, in late May caused a sharp decrease in those numbers. Now, a delegation led by the mayor of Seoul, is visiting three Chinese cities in a bid to win back tourists.

  • China pledges more barrier-free facilities

    Officials from China's transportation, industry and information, and housing departments have pledged to continue promoting access to barrier-free facilities for people with disabilities.

  • Chinese groups demand apology from Mitsubishi

    Three organizations representing Chinese people forced into slave labor during World War Two by Japan's Mitsubishi Material Corporation have issued a joint statement, demanding an apology.


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